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"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time."
T.S. Eliot

Please share our virtual home and harvest. You may be surprised both at what you find and at what you do not. With respect to the latter, David would appreciate your suggestions and bug reports.

Stay alert. Absolute truth is not on sale for the price of a modem - even on the Seflin Freenet. That said, we remain deeply grateful to the thousands of people, living and dead, whose inspiration is represented here. May they all keep-on truckin'.

The French night flier, Saint-Exupery suggests (contra Bogie) that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. Without further ado then, let's go to the table and choose a direction. "Here's looking with you, kid."

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Just for Kids * News * Fine Arts * Music * Cool Science * Philosophy * Religion * Spirituality * Social Justice * Politics * Economics * Florida Diversity * Immigration * Haiti Links * Social Work * Organizing * Psychology * Local Agencies * Education * Social Studies * Think Tanks * Humanities * Recreation * Commercial Links* Personal Finance* For Parents Only * Computing * Texts and 'Zines * Reference * Search *


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Just for Kids

"Children make you want to start life over."
Muhammad Ali,

Miami-Dade City Kids
Bonus Supersite for Kids
Kids on the Web
The Childrens' Shuttle
Jumpstart Pre-School
The Preschool Page
Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat
International Pen Pals by Age Group from Six (and under) to Teens
More International Pen Pals
Pooh Corner
Mr. Potato Head
Carlos' Coloring Book
Tic Tac Toe
PBS Kids Backstage
Childrens' Television Workshop
Animal Alphabet
Bert and Ernie
Theodore Tugboat
Thomas the Tank Engine
Pony Show Kids' Home
Kids' Corner
Interesting Places for Kids
CCI Kids Page
World Kid Network
Homework Help
BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Britannica Internet Guide
Cyber-School Magazine
Internet Public Library - Youth Division
Broward County Public Library Electronic Catalog and Encyclopedia
Broward County Public Library "Bookings"
Cool School Tools
Zia's Kids' Page
The International Kids' Space
Kid WWW Publishing and Chat Room
The Rail: School and Hobby Websites
Student Center Math Forum
Ask Dr. Math
Sports Illustrated For Kids
Sylvan Kids' Playplace
Kid's Web
Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World
Electronic Children's Book Index
The Children's Literature Web Guide
Resources for Young Writers
HMCO School Place
Magellan Kid Zone
Flags of the World
Maps of the World
Internet Newsletter for Kids
NCSA Web Field Trips (K-12)
Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Family Explorer and North American Skies
Windows on the Universe
The Exploratorium
Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science
Miami Museum of Science
Newton's Apple - Got a science question?
NPR's Science Friday Kids' Edition
NASA Quest
Safari Touch Tank
The Florida Aquarium
Sea World Teacher Guides
New South Polar Times
Beakman and Jax
Magic Schoolbus
Headbone Zone
Kids' Space Camp Astronaut Training in Florida
The Bug Club
Frog Land
Toad's Dome
Zoo Without Bars
Planet Earth Homepage
The Weather Dude
Learning Studio@Exploratorium
Beginner's Chess
More Beginner's Chess
Music 101: On-Line Guitar Lessons
Marsalis on Music
3D Drawing Lessons
Eyes on Art
The Incredible Art Department
The Kids' Art Gallery
Interesting Places for Kids
Florida Children's Safety Center: Kids' Space
Yahoo Links for Kids
Pathfinder Kidstuff
Florida Kids Homepage
Kid Star Magazine
Club Girl Tech: No Boys Allowed
Interactive Teen Database
Kids' Magazine Jumplists
News for Kids
Global Networking for Kids 10-15
Who Makes Our Toys?
Kids Vote
Kids' Window to Japan
Yo! Pacific News' Youth Outlook
Spank! Youth Culture Online
Y' know: Middle School Webzine
Youth in Action
UNICEF Voices of Youth
Flamed - A 'Zine for WebWise Teens
The History Channel
The National Portrait Gallery
Time Detectives
From Revolution to Reconstruction
The History Net
And I Quote
MSU Vincent Voice Library 100 Years of .AU Files
The Native American Navigator
Native American Art and Technology
Activities in African American History
Stamp on Black History
African Resources (K-12) Guide
The American Revolution Navigator
US Presidents
Ken Burns' The West
More Photographs of the American West from 1849
The American Civil War
Thinking Fountain
African Americans in the Sciences
The Academy of Achievement
MEGA Mathematics
K-12 Resources from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Environmental Resources
Save the Manatee Club
The Theatre of Electricity
Equivalent Weights and Measures
Dave Berry's Webpage for Beginning Surfers
Oz Kidz Homepage Creation

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"It used to be that, to sell newspapers in this country,
you had to clean-up
Tammany Hall.

Ted Turner
(The National Times; February, 1997)

Local Times Around the World
The AP Wire: Up to the Minute
Reuters Wire
CNN Interactive
The Ultimate Collection of News Links
The Omnivore
Select Ware Complete News Index
Ecola News and Magazine Stand
The New York Times
The Los Angles Times
The Washington Post
The Times of London
The Wall Street Journal $
The Boston Globe
Christian Science Monitor: Archive from 1980-Present
The Progressive Populist
New World Media
One World News Service
Selected Syndicated Columnists
The Afro-American Newspapers Homepage
Our World News This Week
The African Global Network
Newspapers of the World
Time Daily
The Earth Times
Wolf Creek Gazette
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Electronic Telegraph
UMich. Documents in the News
Crayon's News
State of Florida News
South Florida News
Miami Herald
The Sun Sentinel
Palm Beach Post
El Heraldo
National Hurricane Center @ FIU
The Weather Page
NPR Online
PBS Online
American Newspeak (for Orwell fans)
IGC Headlines
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Institute for Alternative Journalism
The Best of Extra!
The Bird (Current Events Satire)
Today: Date and Time
Daily Almanac
Today in American Memory
Today on the Net
Poetry Daily
Today in History
Today in History (Outlaw Press)
This Week in Black History
Today in Scripture
Today in Literature
Today in the Comics
Shakespearean Insult of the Day

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Fine Arts

"The opposite of creativity is suffering."

Encounter Local Performances
InfoMine: Visual and Performing Arts
Internet Art Resources
Worldwide Arts Resources
WebMuseum, Paris
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
The Electric Gallery
The Uffizi
Arts Wire
Art on the Net
The Fine Art Forum
Internet Gallerywalk
The Whitney
The Novgorod Icon Gallery
Africa: The Art of a Continent
Diego Rivera Virtual Museum
Artes en Mexico
Mexican Cultural Artifacts
Bryant Gallery of Caribbean Art
Latin Caribbean Art Gallery
Art Crimes
World Museums and Cultural Resources
American Indian Computer Art Project
China the Beautiful
Broward County Cultural Affairs Council
Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs Council
SyracuseU. Art Media Studies
Art Steadman Studio
Hot Art Links
NWHQ Artists
Girardin's Gallery
Retina Burn Virtual Art
Fluxus Online
Razorfish Blue Dot
Ankiewicz Galleries
Infinite Fish Productions
Entropy 8
PhotoNet Index
Vansant's Jazz Art and Photography
Marshall's Music Photography

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"It's like an act of murder; you play with intent to commit something."
Duke Ellington

More on Local Happenings from XSO
Worldwide Music Resources
Worldwide Concert Web
The Classical Music Net
Classical Music Archives
Classical Composer Biographies
Gregorian Chant Notation
Classical MIDI Archives
The Classical Guitar Homepage
Classical Music Online
Eyeneer Music Archives
Dance on a Line
The Encyclopedia of African Music
African-American Music and Culture
London Calling: The Blues
Blues Web
The Mud Cat Cafe
One stop Jazz on the Web
Downbeat Cafe Jazz and Midi
Jazz Central Station
Ella Fitzgerald
WLRN: Public Radio and Television in South Florida
The Ultimate Band List
Rolling Stone
Beat Connections in Rock Music
The Old Hippie's Grateful Dead
Techno Sound and Light
Joni Mitchell
Underground Music Archive
Latin Music Online
Shockwave World Music

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Cool Science

"No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it."
Albert Einstein

The Union of Concerned Scientists
New Scientist
Jade Mountain Appropriate Technology
Maine Solar House
Science Gems
The Why Files
The Hubble's Greatest Hits
The Nine Planets
The Solar System Live
NASA Ames Research Center
Dalton Astronomy
The Web Nebulae
NASA Updates
Even More Space Images
Space Movie Archive
The Comet's Tale
Mount Wilson Observatory
SETI Institute: The Search for Extra Terrestrial Life
Views of the Solar System
Other Worlds, Distant Suns
Kunkel's Photomicrography
FSU Microscapes
The Nanoworld Homepage
Umea Chemistry
Cells Alive!
Seeds of Life
The Mad Scientist Network
Bad Science
The Mountain Institute
Dartmouth Electronic Volcano
Geology Station
Virtual Frog Dissection
Florida Entomologist
Full Size Bug
Cultural Entomology
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Palm Beach County Reef Research Team
The Sea WiFS Project
The Plankton Net
Whales on the Net
Whale Songs
The Aquatric Realm
Coral Forest
Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge
Aquarius: World's First Underwater Site
Local Environmental Issues
Environmental State of the State of Florida
Conservation International
Defenders of Wildlife
Natural Heritage Network
National Agriculture Library
Internet Botany Links
InfoMine: Biology, Agricultural and Medical Science
Virtual Heart Tour
InfoMine: Physics, Math
National Museum of Natural History
UniSci News
This Week in Science
Discover Magazine
National Geographic Online
Scientific American
Planet Science
Helping Your Child Learn Science
Interactive Periodic Table
Virtual Library Biosciences (Evolution)
UC Paleontology Museum
The Computer Museum
The Tech Museum of Innovation
Jesuits and the Sciences
Pope John Paul II Statement on Evolution
Nova Online: Einstein Revealed
Albert Einstein Online
Ask Dr. Science (Humor)

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"Let us not make rash conjectures about the most important things."
Heraclitus of Ephesus
(535-475 BC)

Sandro's Philosophy from Rio
Barnett's Deep South Catfish Links
Philosophy on the English Server
Earlham College Guide to Philosophy on the Net
Philosophy in Cyberspace
Philosophy Around the Web
Waterloo Jumplist
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Internet Encylopedia of Philosophy
Philosophy Documentation Center
Principa Cybernetica Web
Episteme Links
Philosophy Internet Resources
VoS Philosophy
Philosophy Sources on the Net
Virtual Library: Philosophy
MIT Classics Archive
Philosophy on the Internet - UMass/Dartmouth
Shalizi Timeline
APA @U.Del.
University of Florida Philosophical Alcove
Metaphysical Review
Everything Postmodern
Yahoo - Philosophy
RB Jones' Philosophy Page
Shannon's Analytic Philosophy Page
Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page
The Journal of Buddhist Ethics
BEARS in Moral and Political Philosophy
Ethics Updates
The Ethical Spectacle
Aesthetics Online
Upanishhadic Philosophy
The Spoon Collective
Johns Hopkins Philosophy Pages
Liverpool Philosophy Gopher
University of Chicago Philosophy Project
UC Irving Gopher
U. Oregon Philosophy
Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies
The Structure of a Logical Argument
Propaganda Analysis Homepage
Rules of Reasoning
Individual Philosopher's Pages
Cearley's Real, Live Philosophers
RB Davis Philosophy Links
Bjorn's Page
Mike's Page
Sean's One-Stop Philosophy Shop
Augustine, The African
Loughlin's Aquinas Page
Thomas Instituut Utrecht
Hume, Kant and Rational Theism
Hume and Other Scottish Philosophers
Hegel by Hypertext
The Nietzsche Page at USC
Albert Camus
Miguel de Unamuno
Jose Ortega y Gasset
Jacques Maritain
Cassirer: Yale Archive
Simone Weil
The Lonergan Website
The Walker Percy Project at Chapel Hill
The Philosophy of Kissing
Bank Dicta: W.C. Fields on the Hermeneutics of Suspicion
Comic Relief for the Pathologically Philosophical
The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook
David Chalmers' Philosophy Humor
Philosophy Jokes

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"Do not despise the words of prophets, but test everything; hold on to what is good."
1 Thess.5:21

Facets of Religion
Voice of the Shuttle - Religion
Internet Hotlist - Religion
WWW Virtual Library: Religion and Philosophy
Research Institute for the Humanities: Religion
Origin: The Meeting Place of Religions
Galaxy: Religion
Comparative Religion
Yahoo - Religion
Rutgers Virtual Religion Index
American Academy of Religion Publications
Finding God in Cyberspace
Religium: Religious Studies Center
Religious Studies Web Guide
Croghan's Synoptic Table
Religious Studies Page
An Introduction to Buddhism
Theravada Buddhism
Buddhist Door
Namaste: Hinduism
Chinmaya Hinduism
Hindu Tantric Home
Taoism Info Page
Hindu Dharma
Muller's Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism Resources
Islam, Christianity and Science
Peoples of the Book
Islamic Texts and Resources MetaPage
Understanding Islam
About Islam and Muslims
About the Quran
Malcolm X on the Internet
Malcolm on Islam
Christian/Islam Apologetics
Graffam's Judaica
Commentaries on the Torah
Judaism and Jewish Resources
Columbia U Jewish Resources
Dickerson's Jewish Culture and History
Bronze Age Canaan
Lestat's Mythology Index
Resource Pages in Biblical Studies
Project Genesis
Sexuality in the Bible
CSBSJU Internet Theology Resources
Boston University Theology Library
St. Pachomius Library
Vanderbilt U. Divinity Library
Emory U Theology Library
Online Theology Journals
Fides Quaerens Internetum
Celtic Christianity
Anglicans Online
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Homepage
Semper Reformanda (Lutheran Reform)
More Protestant Websites
The Orthodox Page in America
TheoLogic System
The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures
Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit
The Catholic Mobile
Bro. Richard Oliver's Catholic Jumplist
The APS Research Guide: Theology
Oxford Computer-Assisted Theology
Theology in a Digital World
The Historical Jesus Debate
Catholic Resources on the Web
Catholicism on the Web
Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi
CatholicFiles @AU
San Francisco Bay Catholic
New Advent Catholic
Radical Catholic
The 1997 Catholic Internet Directory
More Catholic Information on the Net
The Catholic Encyclopedia
The Internet for Christians
A Catholic Page for Lovers
Union Seminary Quarterly Review
The Tablet (UK)
Cross Currents
The American Catholic
The National Catholic Reporter
Commonweal Magazine
Archdiocese of Miami
Karl Rahner Index: English Titles
Cowley Publications
Resources in Western Feminist Theology
A Call to Online Community
E-Mail Forums for Theologians
Religion in Cuba
Religion in the American South
Martin Luther King, Jr. Archive
Comic Relief: Salvation as Hustle
Goy Division Ministries

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"Gazing at the land of peace from atop a wooded knoll and taking-up
the road leading there are two different things."

(The Confessions)

World Scripture
More Sacred Texts
Jesuit Resources
More Jesuit Links
Zen Ancestors Homepage
Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors
Theravadan Practice
The White Path: Shin Buddhism
More Shin Buddhism
Dark Zen
The Zen Garden
Stillpoint: Soto Zen
Chogye Zen Texts
The Tricycle Hub
Ten Bulls
Mysticism in World Religions
Selected Western Mystics
What Does Mysticism Have to Teach Us About Consciousness?
Sufi-related Resources on the Net
Sufi Traditions - Zos Imos
Haqqani Sufi Foundation
Lipthrott's Jewish Spirituality Resources
The Western Taoist
Dharma Net
Hinduism Today
Yoga and Vedanta
Naropa Institute
Scientific Pantheism
Krishnamurti: Science and Spirituality
The Todo Institute
United Communities of the Spirit
The Method of Centering Prayer
Eastern Orthodox Spiritual Direction Files
Orthodox Monasteries in North America
Perpetual Mirage
Athanasius' Life of St. Anthony
The ECOLE Initiative
Gregory of Nyssa Homepage
Cyril of Alexandria
Augustine of Canterbury
Hildegard of Bingen
Julian of Norwich Homepage
Thomas a Kempis: The Imitation of Christ
Raven's Bread: Christian Hermit's Newsletter
American Camaldolese
Mount Athos
Teresian Carmel
Research on Contemplative Life
The Merton Research Institute
More Merton Links
Mark's Carthusian Page
Christ in the Desert
Zen Mountain and Rivers Monastery
The Monk Page
Benedictines Home
More Benedictines
OSB Cistercian Links
Franciscans Generally
Haversack: Franciscan Issues
Catholic Congregations of Women Religious (and More)
Madonna House
Missionary Cenacle Family
Vision 2000
Creation Spirituality
Brief Survey of Spiritual Teachings
Nielsen's Psychology of Religion Pages
C.G. Jung Index
Empty Bell: Christian Buddhist Dialogue
Monastic Interreligious Dialogue
Institute of Sacred Science
A Spirituality based on Justice and Ecology?
Declaration Toward a Global Ethic - Hans Kung
Spirituality, Economics, Politics
Nucleus: Icelandic New Age
Shambhala Links
Contemplative Outreach, Ltd
Liz, the Contemplative Librarian
Nate, the Contemplative Social Worker

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Social Justice

"What is the most precious thing in the world? Not to participate in injustices."
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

US Declaration of Independence - Jefferson, 1776
The Federalist: Nos. 10 and 51 - Madison, 1788
Works of Thomas Paine, 1794
Gettysburg Address - Lincoln, 1863
The Struggle for Progress
WWWVL - Indigenous Studies
Fourth World Documentation Project
VoS Cultural Studies Page
The Progressive Directory
Rifkin's Activism Links
The Electronic Activist Directory
A Primer for New Rights Activists
Congressional Contact
Find Your Legislators and E-mail Whole Congressional Committees
Secure Communication with Congress
Pacifica Radio's Jumplist
Who Cares: Journal of Service and Action
Neighborhoods OnLine
BJ Perkins' Activist Links
HandsNet: Human Services Advocacy; Action Alerts and Forums
Free Speech for Non-profits
Natural Resources Defense Council
Economic Democracy Information Network
Web Active
Jay's Progressive Resources
Harvard Program on Non-Violent Sanctions and Cultural Survival
Third World First Bookmarks
Transnational Network
Social Justice Connections
Center for Responsive Politics
Voxpop's Jefferson Project
League of Women Voters
Public Citizen
The Noam Chomsky Archive
Nader's Essential Gopher
Quixote Center
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Southern Poverty Law Center
Comunications for a Sustainable Future
Red Pepper
Children Now
UNICEF 1997: State of the World's Children
New World Village
International Media Collective
Florida Media Collective
Womens' Rights Links
The Guerrilla Girls
Democracy Works
Law and Criminal Justice Links
CLNET- Latino Research
El Centro de la Raza
The Nativeweb
National Rainbow Coalition
NAACP Online: Issue Alerts
Universal Black Pages
UPenn- African Studies
Civil Rights Page
DSA Racism Commission
The Progress of Nations
Idea Central - Economics and Politics
Znet Home
ACLU Freedom Network
Common Cause Network
Common Cause of Florida - Issue Reports
National Coalition for the Homeless
Jobs with Justice
Culture Jammer's Headquarters
Utopian/Dystopian Studies
Pathfinder Press Gopher
Young Socialists' Homepage
The Militant Gopher
New York Transfer Collective
Workers' World News Service
Gothenburg Environmental Ethics
Witness for Peace
Catholic Relief Services
American Friends Service Committee
Dunya: CyberMuslim Information Collective
The Engaged Buddhist
Mennonite Central Committee
Pax Christi USA
The Catholic Worker
Sojourners Online
Mother Jones
The Progressive Review
Conscience and Consciousness
IGC Human Rights Resources
Hate Watch
The Global Democracy Network
Amnesty International
Amnesty International Group#73
The National Bar Association Links
Democracy and Human Rights in the Americas
Diana: International Human Rights
Univ. Minnesota Human Rights Library
OAS Human Rights Page
Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights
Koaga Human Rights Journal
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
New Welfare Law to Hit Legal Immigrants Hard
Human Rights Watch

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"The age of nations is past. The task before us now, if we would not perish, is
to shake off our ancient prejudices and to build the earth."

Teilhard de Chardin, SJ

Go ahead. Make your day.
National Political Index
All Politics
International Links to Government Servers
Transactions Under The Freedom of Information Act
Revelations from the Russian Archives
Political Resources on the Net
UMich. Documents Center
Political Research Associates
Yahoo: Political Issues
FedNet: The C-Span of the Web
Kennedy School Political Information Network
FedWorld Information Network
US Federal Government Agencies
Federal Web Locator
InfoMine: Government Information
The Almanac of American Politics
The Federal Executive Branch
US Health and Human Services
Office of the Director of Central Intelligence
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
FBI Homepage
State Department - Foreign Affairs Network
National Security Agency
US Government Accounting Office
US Government Printing Office
THOMAS Legislative Information on the Internet
Congressional Quarterly VoteWatch
Roll Call Online
Federal Election Commission: Candidates, Parties and PACS
US Congressional Homepages
US Senate Homepages
The Federal Judicial Branch
Supreme Court Decisions
Constitutional Law News
The National Law Journal
The Constitution Society
W3 Lawyer
FindLaw Internet Legal Resources
Court TV
The Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
US Court of Appeals (11th Circuit - Florida)
NASIRE State Search
State of Florida Government
OnLine Sunshine: The Mother of all Florida Government Homepages
Florida Information Resource Network
Florida Governor's Homepage
Latest Audits of All Florida State Agencies
JOSHUA:The Florida State Court System
SEFLIN: Local Court Information
FL. Dept. of Corrections and Criminal Justice Links
Local Law Enforcement Agencies
Florida Campaign Finance Information
Enter Your Zipcode and Find Your Legislators
CQ American Voter on the Job
United Nations Locator
The United Nations
United Nations Publications
United Nations Scholar's Work Station at Yale
Yahoo Politics
Political Theory on the Internet
The Crisis in Radical Thought
Political Science Manuscripts
Chairman Mao on Practice
Democratic Socialists of America
The New Party
Spunk Press
IWW Solidarity
Turn Left
The Alternative Press
Explore the New Conservative World
First Things
Patriots, Survivalists and Gun Owners
US Special Forces
Special Operations Links
Covert Action Quarterly
IGC Conflict Net
Non-violence Links
Peace Tree
War and Peace Foundation
Peace and Conflict Resolution
Contemporary Conflicts in Africa
The Velvet Revolution in Serbia
International Studies Association: IONet
Marxist Propaganda
Webcorp RealAudio Archive of Historic Speeches
RealAudio Arguments Before the Supreme Court and Texts of Decisions
Humor on the Capitol Steps

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"If something is yours by right, then fight for it or shut up.
If you can't fight for it, then forget it."

Malcolm X
, speech given at the London School of Economics, February, 1965

Corporate Watch
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Dollars and Sense
Post-Industrial Business Theory
The Alliance Homepage
Left Business Observer
Corporate Welfare Information Center
Multinational Monitor Online
Arms Sales Monitor
Military Spending Working Group
Overseas Development Institute
Multinationals and Development Clearinghouse
The Development Group for Alternative Policies
The Peoples' Economic Summit
Third World Network
Public Citizen Global Trade Watch
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Sand Dollar Economics
Center for Economic Conversion
Virtual Library: International Development
IDRC Development Jumplist
E.F. Schumacher Society
CUED Urban Economic Development
Law and Economics
The International Political Economy Network
Social Indicators of Development
Trends in Developing Economies
Institute for Sustainable Development
Virtual Library - Sustainable Development
IGC Resources on Development
The Trickle-Up Homepage
Interaction: 150 US Humanitarian NGO's
Seed Net: Sustainable Agriculture
Europa: The European Union
The Enterprise Development Web Site
USAID Homepage
Inter-American Development Bank

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Florida Diversity

"When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free."
Charles Evans Hughes
, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court

State of Florida Government
Florida Facts, History, Government Information Locator
Florida State Archives Photographic Collection
Florida Humanities Council
Univ. of Miami - Richter Library
US Census Florida County Profiles
Florida Campaign Finance Information
Florida Public Schools and Organizations
Florida Climate Center
What is Culture?
The South: Where is it? What is it?
The Old South @ Harvard
UVa. Southern Studies
Florida Data Directory
Voice of the Shuttle: Minority Studies Page
CMU Texts on Race Relations
Our Creative Diversity
Balch Library: Ethnic Studies
UCLA Diversity Page
Pathways to Diversity on the WWW
Virtual Library: Migration and Ethnic Relations
Harvard Program on Non-Violent Sanctions and Cultural Survival
Georgetown American Studies: Race and Ethnicity
Cultural Survival Jumplist
National Association for Ethnic Studies WebLinks
Standards: Multicultural Hotlinks
Multicultural Homepage
Multicultural Websites and Discussion Groups
The Interracial Voice: Resources on Multiracialism
INTERracial Family Page
International Interracial Association
Boals' Diversity Links
Nova U. Diversity Resources
The Web of Culture
Center for World Indigenous Studies
Native Americans - General Resources
Maya Aztec Inca Center
Tuscarora and Six Nations Sites
Native American Resources on the Internet
National Museum of the Amerindian
Histories of the First Nations
Florida Archaeology Hot Links
Caribbean Prehistory
The Paleo-Indian Period in Florida
1492: The Ongoing Voyage
The Seminole Tribe of Florida
Constitution of the Miccosukee Nation
Florida Taino Timucua Inter-Tribal Council
Latin America on the Net
Handbook of Latin American Studies
Las Culturas Hispanicas en los EEUU
Twilight's Children: The Mexican-American Border
Poncho's Virtual Varrio
Latino Web
Cuba Web
Cuba Internet Resources
Prensa Latina, SA: News from Havana
Virtual Library Latin American Studies
Third Worldviews: Latin America and the Caribbean
Tristero's LatInfo
The MIT Caribbean Page
More on Latin America and the Caribbean
Caribbean Studies
African American Pamphlets (Library of Congress)
New World Slavery: First-Hand Accounts
WPA Slave Narratives
The Britannica Guide to Black History
Black History by The Book
Aframian Repository of Afrocentric Links
Library of Congress: African-American Mosaic
African - American History @UMiss.
African Diaspora
One Compendium of Black Experience
MelaNet: Afrocentrism Links
IGC African American Jumplist
Afro-Am Drum
Art Magee's African-American Resources
Rosewood Incident Documentation
Center for the Study of White American Culture
Cafe Los Negros
The Electronic Embassy
Scotland: A Gathering of the Clans
A Philippine Leaf
Tesoros del Web
Korea Window
Africa Online
Center forAfrican Studies
LANIC Brazil
LANIC Latin America
The Moscow Channel
Russian Proverbs
Russia Web
Japan Guide
Japan Window
The Microstate Network
Asian American Resources
Vryonis Center
Jewish-Israel Links
SabraNet - Israel
Center for the Study of Anti-semitism
Univ. of Texas Middle Eastern Studies
Arab Net
Bienvenue au Maroc
Maghreb Net
Morocco Websites
Iran - An Introduction
Virtual Library - India
Yahoo-Society and Cultures

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Immigration Issues

"Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart."
Kong Fu Zi
(China, 500 BC)

New Welfare Law to Hit Legal Immigrants Hard
Washington Post Recent Coverage on Immigration Issues
Local Coverage of S. FL. Immigration Issues
Immigrant Rights Network
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Immigrant and Refugee Rights Gopher
1996 Federal Data on US Foreign-Born Population
Urban Institute: 4 Studies
Immigration: Demographic and Economic Facts
Big Brother's Solution to Illegal Immigration
Welfare and Families
Welfare Reform Watch
Download Official Text of Immigration Law Changes
US Bureau of Population Refugees and Migration
Scalabrini Center for Migration Studies
Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship
Center for Immigration Studies
American Immigration Lawyers Association
Arthur Hu's Immigration Homepage
Atlantic Monthly Archive: Immigration Coverage Since 1905
UMinn. Immigration History Research Center
The GAO on Immigrants and Welfare Use
Womens' and Minorities' Occupational Links
Minority Praxis
Comparative Studies on Migration and Ethnic Relations
Immigration Law Links
The Immigration Homepage
US Immigration Center: Do it Yourself
Download (the Latest) INS Forms
64 Sample Questions from the US Citizenship Test
Yahoo Immigration
Immigration Resources

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Haiti Links

"Those of you who have been there know that it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has everything....It is an amazing place. I strongly recommend whenever you get a chance, that you go to Haiti. I think it was a certain Queen of England who said that after her death, Calais would be found written on her heart. When I die, I think that 'Haiti' is going to be found written on my heart."
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
(State dinner October 14, 1943 -The Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D.Roosevelt, 1943, p.430; 1950)

Embassy of Haiti
Chicago Haitian Consulate
Unofficial Haitian Homepage
Haitian History Archive
King Ferdinand's Letter to the Taino/Arawak Indians
Migrations: The Americas, 1600-1800
The Economics of the African Slave Trade
The Middle Passage
Excerpts from Slave Narratives
Frederick Douglass on Haiti, 1893
A History of Haiti - Bob Corbett's On-Line Course
1871 Haiti Travelogue: M. Edgar la Selve
Search for Haiti in American Memory
Hispanola: Country Studies
The Haitian Constitution of 1987 (English Version)
Haitian Political Parties
Washington Post Reference Page: Haiti
Recent Coverage in the Miami Herald
Washington Post on the Dominican Republic
Braceros Haitianos in the DR
The Boston Globe on Zafra '97
Haiti Reference Desk
Haiti Focus Country Map
Haiti - More Detailed Maps
Caribbean 7-Day Weather Forecast
The US Southern Command
UN Mission Chronology: Sept '93 to Present
US Naval Operations (NAVPALIB: Haiti)
The Canadian Contingent to UNMIH
US Coast Guard Refugee Interdiction Program
NCHR Refugee and Migration Issues
OEA/ONU Mission Civile Internationale
OEA: Democracy Promotion
Report of the National Truth Commission (Fr.)
National Coalition for Haitian Rights
NCHR Haiti Insight
Washington Office On Haiti
CHRD: Haitian Center for Documentation and Research
Washington Office On Latin America
WB/IMF Structural Adjustment - Lisa McGowan's Critique, Jan. 1997
H.E.M. Longchamp on US Role in Democratization
Chomsky on "Restoration" of Democracy
Le Monde Diplomatique
Cultural Survival Jumplist
Fonkoze: Micro-lending
World Bank in Haiti
World Bank: Country Overview
ECLAC Comparative GDP's through '93
US State Dept. Background Notes, 1996
IADB Socio-economic Data
USAID Trade Data 1987-'93
Egallery- Haitian Art
Studio WAH
The Portobello Gallery of Barbados
Haitian Art Collection Online
Medalia Art
The Haitian Art Factory of Miami
The Shale Art Export Project
La Chiffonee
Haitian Musicians - The Tip of the Iceberg
The Fugee Camp
Claudel's Mizik Ayisyen
Mizik Lakay: CD's by Mail
Konpa Online
Averill on Popular Music and Power (1997 Book Citation)
Wyclef Jean Online
COBA: Caribbean Indigenous Dance Troupe
Georgetown Haiti Program
Caribbean Studies Association@FIU
IndianaU Haitian Creole Institute
U. Kansas Haitian Creole Heritage Titles
A Taste of Haitian Creole Grammar
Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages
Stanford Reference Guide: Creoles
UMinn. LCTL Kreyol Studies
Chita Tande: Radio Lekol Schedule
Rainbow Radio - 103.7 FM: Audio Nouvelles Direct from Haiti
This Week in Haiti (Haiti Progres)
Agence Haitienne de Presse
Meet the Press
Infotel Media Meta-lists(Fr.)
Haiti En Marche
Haiti InfoNet (French)
Haiti Contact (French)
Haiti Interface
Haiti MC
Human Rights Watch Report - Haiti, 1996
IGC Speak-Out on Haiti
Noam Chomsky on Selected Haiti Topics
More Chomsky
Haiti, Dec.'95
Haiti Held Hostage
Aristide Interview: 3-5-96: "This is the Family of God"
Poetry and The Miami Scene
Edwidge Danticat: Breath, Eyes, Memory
Papa Toussaint
"All Saints Rising" - The Writer's Cut
Kreyol Publishing in Boston
WGBH, Boston: Adult Student Writings
More Boston Kreyol
BookLink Homepage
Proverbs, Jokes and Folktales
Bob's Corner Book Reviews
Haitian Educators of Dade County, Florida
Haitian Universities
College Catt Pressoir
Haitian-American Engineering Society
FIU Haitian Student Organization
U of M Haitian Student Organization (French)
Haitian American Engineers Association
Nord'Ouest Reuni
Publitel: ayisyen brooklyn yo
The Voodoo Server
Vodoun Information Pages
Vodoun et democratie (French)
The Ancestors in Haitian Voodoo
Flags of Vodoun
Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou
The Vodou Page
Diaspora Vodoun (Philly style)
Cuban Riffs on the Vodoun Theme
InterAction: NGO's in Haiti
George Soros' Foundation in Haiti
Community Stewardship Fund
PBI Mediation and Conciliation Training
International Peace Academy
International Peace Brigades
Christian Peacemaker Teams
Haitian Children's Foundation
Haiti Baptist Mission
Baptist Mission in Bois Joly
Pignon Christian Mission
LDS Haiti Mission
For Haiti with Love, Inc.
People to People
Aristide Foundation for Democracy
La Lettre de Conjoncture
Matinet Online
Daphnis' Haitian Corner
Haiti's First Internet Service Provider: ACN
Haiti Focus
REHRED Participants and their First Ping
Compa Net ISP
"HT" Domain Controversy
Domaine HT: The REHRED File
Center for International Policy - Haiti Page
USAID Congressional Presentation for Haiti: FY 1997
Twelve Cents an Hour
PAHO Health Studies
Statistics on Reproductive Health
L'Hopital Albert Schweitzer
Haitian American Psychiatric Association
Haiti Medical Page
The Haitian Medical Association
Bridgetown Declaration of Principles on Caribbean Development
Haiti Customs Guide @ FIU
Assembly Plants: A '96 Directory
Haitian American Chamber of Commerce
Other Commercial Associations
Trade Compass: Haiti Commercial Guide
Tradeport Directory
Jade Mountain: Appropriate Technology
Essays on Land Distribution and Haitian Farming
Erosion and Soil Degradation Studies and Links
Agroforestry in Haiti: Pwoje Pyebwa
Charcoal Making
Reforestation: Jamaican Projects
Agro-ecology and Small Farm Development (Book citation)
Rural Technology and Biomass Energy
INFORSE Statement on Solar Energy
World Resources Institute Publications
Haitian Agriculture: Exports, Imports and Food
ICPPGR Report on Biodiversity in Haiti (French)
Water Projects from Canada
Talking About Development: Several discussions re: Haiti
Eco-Tourism in Haiti
Blan Touris: The Discovery Channel
1995 Pulitzer Prize Photography: Carol Guzy
New Wall Paintings at the Taptap
The Photography of Jock Fistick
Walt Johnson Photos
International Haitian Telephone Directory (South Florida and Lot Bo Dlo)
Ralph Reid's UHHP Internet Directory
Search UN Website for Haiti Documents
Search for Haiti in the US Congressional Record
Search for Haiti Everywhere Else

At Play in the Groves of Academe:

De Proverbio: Multilingual Proverb Studies
The Zonbi As Philosophical Issue
More on Zonbi Epistemology

Need a quick answer on a recondite subject? Enjoy a little joust with your morning cup of Haitian Bleu ? Well then, subscribe to our moderated international discussion group.

The Haitian National Anthem (.au file)

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Social Work

"Transformation is only valid if it is carried out with the people, not for them. Liberation is like a childbirth, and a painful one. The person who emerges is a new person: no longer either oppressor or oppressed, but a person in the process of achieving freedom. It is only the oppressed who, by freeing themselves, can free their oppressors."
Paulo Freire
, (Pedagogy of the Oppressed)

USC Social Work Access Network
Social Work and Social Services Websites @Washington Univ.
UPenn - Praxis
The Neighborhood Works: Urban Visions
Web Resources for Social Workers
Hammer's Social Work Networker
CSB/SJU Social Work Search Engine
Web Resources for Social Workers (Colo.State)
Columbia Social Work: E-Journals Jumplist
UChicago Advocates Forum
FAU Community Organizing
Community Organizing on the Net: Implications for Social Work Practitioners
US Health and Human Services
Commonly Requested Federal Services
National Association of Social Workers
State Social Work Boards
National Center for Children in Poverty
Children Now: Multi-issue Jumplist
USF Child and Family Resource Net
Stand for Children Home
NPIN Parenting Resources
Mentoring and Volunteerism
Internet Mental Health Resources
Mental Health Law Center
Behavior Online
Topics in Social Psychology
Broward County Social Services
School Social Work and Play Therapy Resources
Clinical Social Work Federation
Industrial Social Work
Web of Addictions
National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alcohol Information
Advocacy for the Developmentally Disabled
Yahoo on Mental Health
Yahoo on Social Work
David Baldwin's Trauma Information Page
Cornell Child Abuse Prevention Network
Broward Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse
Abuse Survivors' Resources
The Wounded Healer Journal
The False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
The American Public Welfare Association
National Coalition for the Homeless
54 Ways to Help the Homeless
Welfare and Families
Welfare Reform Watch
Washington Post Coverage on Welfare Reform
Medicaid Toolkit
Understanding Medicaid
HCFA: Medicare and Medicaid
The Canadian Health Network
Association of Oncology Social Work
Starbright Pediatric Network
Impact Online
Where There is No Doctor
Transformations: Health and Recovery
The Hospital Locator
Life Expectancy Estimator
Viatical Settlements
Body Mass Calculator
Contraceptive Contemplation
Interactive Pregnancy Calendar
Quitting Smoking Resources
Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
Florida Physician Discipline and Malpractice List
Virtual Library: Biosciences: Medicine
The US National Library of Medicine
The Merck Manual
RxList - The Internet Drug Index
Alternative Medicine Homepage
Faces of Adoption: Waiting Children
Julie's Adoption Reunion and Search Site
Missing Children
Childrens' Services Council of Palm Beach County
National Black Child Development Institute
Classical Theories of Child Development (Linda Chapman)
Child Welfare League of America
UK Social Welfare Problems and Services
Child Advocacy
Service Provision to Ethnic, Linguistic and Culturally Diverse Populations
Communicating with Culturally Diverse Parents of Exceptional Children
Meeting the Needs of Gifted Minority Language Students
Pine Ridge Reservation
Suicide Awareness Education
The Depressed Child
Children and Adults with ADD
Internet Resources for Special Children
Exploring Non-verbal Communication
Research on the Effectiveness of Self-Help Mutual Aid Groups
Stress Reduction Techniques
Empowerment Now: Motivational Quotes
The Anderson Pages
Rock Island Social Work Links
Ethical Questions in Therapy
Prevention and Advocacy
McClendon's Clinical Page
Mendell on Grantsmanship in Florida
Guide Star: Navigating the Charitable Universe
The Internet Non-Profit Center
Grants Research Page
Foundations, Funders and Grant Information
Philanthropy Journal Online
Non-Profit Resources Catalogue
UPenn Grants Directory
Oryx Grants Collection $
Contact Center Network's ideaLIST
Discussion Lists for Social Workers (Colo.State)
Performance Measurement and Quality Assurance
Computer Uses in Social Work
The Internet as Social Work Library
APA Style of Citation
Goodworks: A Guide to Social Change Careers
Government Jobs in Florida
Social Work Jobs in Academe
New Social Worker Job Links
Nate Prentice's Social Work Jokes

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Community Organizing

"We're going to pray a lot and picket a lot."
Cesar Chavez

Community Organizing Conference
Neighborhood Organizations and Empowerment
New Social Movements Network
Civic Practices Network
The Neighborhood Works
Faith-based Activism
Sustainable Resources on the Net
IC Web Communities Directory
Harvard Program on Non-Violent Sanctions and Cultural Survival
Community Organizing on the Net: Implications for Social Work Practitioners
ACORN Homepage
Study Circles
Re-weaving the Social Fabric
Center for Third World Organizing
CO in Tension with Development?
Multi-Issue Organizing Model
Seed Money for Rural Organizers
Reference Shelf for Rural Community Organizers
CO Theory Articles
CPN -Tools/Training
Bibliography for Community Organizers
More Hard Copy for Community Organizers
The Consensus Model
Midwest Academy Address: CO Training
Neighborhood and Community Organizations
Community Guide and Resource Directory
Activism Training and Materials
NY Solidarity - Unionism
The American Promise: Better Housing
National Housing Institute
Affordable Housing Contacts
Goodworks: A Guide to Social Change Careers

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"Gradually it has become clear to me what every great philosophy so far has been: namely, the personal confession of its author and a kind of involuntary and unconscious memoir."
, (Beyond Good and Evil)

Steingart's School Psychology Resources
Florida School Psychologist Network
National Association of School Psychologists
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
PsychNET Services
NYSPI Psychiatry Resources
Mental Health Infosource
Clinical Psychology Resources
Grohol's Mental Health Page
Psychology in Daily Life
Research Institutes
Florida Mental Health Institute @USF
Psychology Organizations on the Web
Psychology Web Pages
LSI Content Analysis
USF Behavior Analysis Homepage
The Thinking Page
PSYCHE: Consciousness Research
Cyber Psychologist: Online Self-Help
Substance Abuse Topics
National Association of Mental Health Program Directors
Mental Health News
Web Resources in Psychology By Topic
Psych Hotlinks
Today in the History of Psychology
Best of the Web - Mental Health
Mental Health Net
Internet Mental Health Encyclopedia
Psychological Testing of Language Minority and Culturally Different Children
Transcultural Psychiatry Unit
ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
School Mental Health Project
Counseling Psychology Discussion List Searchable Archive
Psychology and Assessment Resources
COSAC - Autism
Depression Resources
Psychotherapy for Depression
Buros Institute of Mental Measurements
Myers Briggs
The Enneagram
PDQ-4 Questionnaire
InterPsych List of E-mail Forums
National Treatment Consortium
Mental Health Knowledge Exchange Network
Institute for Behavioral Health Care
Center for Psychotherapeutic Studies' Library
The Shrink Tank BBS Website
Confluence Mental Health
Carl Jung Anthology
Analytic Psychology and Culture
Viktor Frankl Institut
What Works in Childrens' Mental Health?
Family Village Mental Health
Computers in Mental Health
Practice Management Software
Computerization of Human Services Records
Behavioral Science Software Information Bank
Yahoo on Psychology
Tame the Paperwork Dragon
Eliza, The Robot Therapist
Pathological Internet Use
Psychology of Cyberspace
Are You Married to a Psychopath?
MHN Psychology Jokes

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Local Agencies

"Go to the people. Live with them, learn from them, love them. Start with what they know, build with what they have. But, with the best leaders, when the work is done and the task accomplished, the people will say, 'We have done this ourselves.'"
Lao Tzu
, China, (700 BC)

Florida Communities Network
Broward County Webpage
Palm Beach County
Martin County
Metropolitan Dade County Online
Miami, FL.
Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Boca Raton, FL.
Other Florida Cities and Counties Online
Florida Department of Children and Families (Local Contact Info.)
FL. Dept. of Children and Families: Main Page
Other FL. State Departments
SEFLIN: Local Health Organizations and Support Groups
Henderson Mental Health Clinic
Social Services
Mental Health
Special Needs, Support, Intervention Resources
Multicultural Counseling and Family Services

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"Education in general is a political act. It is not neutral, for the act of revealing social reality in order to transform it, or of concealing it in order to preserve it, is political."
Persepolis, Brazil
- International Literacy Symposium, September, 1975

US Department of Education
Florida Public Schools and Organizations
Florida Department of Education
Free Scholarship Search and Financial Aid Info.
US News Colleges and Careers
National Clearinghouse for Bi-Lingual Education
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Popular Education
More on Paulo Freire
Graduate Studies in Adult Education
Florida Information Resource Network
Pathways to School Improvement
Technology and School Reform
Engines for Education
Education and Social Policy Gateway
The Florida Educators' Cyberspace Navigator
Broward County Public Schools
Sun Sentinel Coverage of Broward Public School Issues
School Reform and Technology
FSU Center for Educational Technology
Environmental Education Network
Art Education Net
African Studies Pen Pals Website
A New Approach to Teaching History
National Standards for US History
Busy Teachers' Website (K-12)
InfoMine: Instructional Resources - K to 12
InfoMine: Instructional Resources - University
Teaching and Learning on the Web
Environmental Education Network
The Teachers' Network
Parents, Educators, Publishers
Access Biology Teaching
The Global SchoolNet Foundation
Multicultural Publishing and Education Council
National Center on Adult Literacy
Literacy and Education
The Community Literacy Center
Broward County School Board Adult Educator (Schedule of Local Classes)
FAU AceNet (Adult and Community Learning)
FAU Adult Education Institute (IDEAL)
Columbia University Institute for Learning Technologies
SyracuseU ERIC: Educational Resources
Internet Education Resources Guide
Excite Education Reviews
Teaching Immigrant and Migrant Students
Language Instruction for the Linguistically Different
HP E-mail Mentor Program
Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections
National Assoc. for Education of Young Children
School Violence
Zia's Education Page
Special Needs Education Network
Special Education Resources
Technology in Special Education
ETS Resources for Students and Teachers
ETS Advanced Placement Exams
US For College Hunters
Chronicle of Higher Education
Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
Columbia School of Social Work
Fordham Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Florida Atlantic University
AD Henderson University School
Colegio San Ignacio
Sophia Univ., Japan
Embry-Riddle in Daytona
John Jay
New School for Social Research - Distance Learning
The Real FSU
Florida International University
Jesuit Secondary Education - US
Jesuit Colleges and Universities - US
Other College and University Homepages
Jesuit Universities - International
National PTA
Family Education Network - Homeschooling
Home Schooling and Independent Study
Schrock's Guide for Educators
Cyber School Magazine
Jon's Homeschooling Resources
Teel Family Homeschooling
Fraker Family Homeschooling
More on Homeschooling
Helping Your Child Learn (by subject)
The Family Education Network
Minority Information Service (USAID opportunities)
Yahoo Education
The English-as-a-Second Language Homepage
The National Education Association
The American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO
Ask ERIC Virtual Library
Clearinghouse on Urban Education
Education World (tm) Search Engine
The On-Line Educator
Education Week on the Web
Engines for Educators
Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance
College Courses by Computer
Union Institute

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Social Studies

"Only through knowing their past and their present, only through understanding and analysing their reality can people choose their future."
Nicaragua Literacy Campaign
, Fernando Cardenal, SJ, Director, March, 1980

Social Science Information Gateway
Infomine - Social Sciences and Humanities
Virtual Library: Social Sciences
Coombsweb Social Science Server
McKie's Research Resources for the Social Sciences
The Social Indicators Launchpad
Social Studies Resources
The Foreign Affairs Guide to International Affairs
Political Science Quarterly
Political Science Resources on the Net
Historic Documents and Speeches (Mostly US)
International Affairs Gateway
Anthropology Resources on the Internet
Bucko's Anthropology Links
University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology
Collective Behavior and Social Movements
Sociology Links at Princeton
US Census Bureau
Trinity Sociological Tour
The Socio Web
The Chaos Network
ArchNet Archaeology
Archaeology Magazine
Florida Archaeology @ UWF
Florida Division of Historical Resources
Archaeological Institute of America (South Florida Chapter)
Mexican Archaeology
Chetro Great Kiva
Culture and Society @ Empire State College
Internet Geography Information
NASA Clickable Map of the World
Cultural Maps
Cultural Map of Hellas
Cartographic Images Homepage
CIA World Fact Book
Country Studies - Area Handbook Program
Social Studies Resources
Yahoo - Countries
Yahoo- Regions
Yahoo Society and Culture

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Think Tanks

"Let us not pay tribute to Europe and the US by creating states, institutions and societies which draw inspiration from them. Humanity is waiting for something other from us than obscene caricature. If we want to advance a step further, then we must invent and make discoveries."
Frantz Fanon
, (The Wretched of the Earth)

Electronic Policy Network
Insititute for Research on Poverty
Center for Law and Social Policy
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Economic Policy Institute
The Brookings Institution
Urban Institute
The Twentieth Century Fund
Russell Sage Foundation
New School World Policy Institute
USDHHS Administration for Children and Families
Center for Policy Alternatives
Cato Institute
The Center for Defense Information
Children's Defense Fund
Health Policy Page
Policy Information Exchange
Policy Street
Woodstock Theological Center
Communications for a Sustainable Future
IISD Environment and Development Links
Yahoo Social Science Data Collection Links

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"Let us not talk falsely, now - for the hour is getting late."
Bob Dylan
, (All Along the Watchtower)

w3vl - Humanities
Voice of the Shuttle
Humanities Online
The English Server at CMU
H-Net Search Engine
Yahoo on Literature
Representative Poetry
20th Century Poetry in English
Matsuoka's English Literature on the Web
Electronic Poetry Corner
The Western Canon
More Great Writers and Poets
Voice of the Shuttle: Minority Literatures
The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon
Indigenous Peoples' Literature and Art
Native American Text Resources on the Net
The Quarterly Black Review: Guide to African-American Classics
Black Cultural Studies
The Western Journal of Black Studies
The Stanford Electronic Humanities Review
Research Institute for the Humanities
Literature Resources for College Students
Lynch's On-line Literary Resources
IBIC World Literature Page
UVa. American Studies Jumplist
Georgetown American Studies Web
The Making of America
Native American History Archives
Library of Congress' American Memory Archive
Gateway to World History
World History Archives
The History Net
Perseus Project
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Diogenes' Links to the Ancient World
Resources For Classicists
Horus' Web Links to History Resources
ARGOS: The Ancient and Medieval Internet
The Online Medieval and Classical Library
Worlds of Late Antiquity
Donalda's Medieval Links
The Camelot Project
Shakespeare @MIT
John Donne Page
English Literature and Religion
Internet Resources on World Cultures to 1500
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Guide to Early Church Documents
EuroDocs: Primary Western European Historical Documents
Labyrinth - Georgetown Medieval Studies
Creating French Culture
Netserf: Medieval Connection
Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library and Renaissance Culture
History for K-12 Teachers
World History Chart
Yahoo - History
Topics in Modern History
The Media History Project
Censorship Archive
Writers' Resources on the Web
Poets and Writers Online
Books in Chains
Hard Wired
The Zuzu's Petals
Postmodern Culture: An Electronic Journal of Interdisciplinary Criticism
The Ethnologue: World Language Studies
The Human Languages Page
Swahili Page
Colgate Bibliographies in Socio-Linguistics
French Language and Literature
Univ. of Chicago Archive of French Texts
Kultur Online
Latin American Culture on the Net
Spanish Language and Literature
Spanish Language Resources
Latino Literature Homepage
Web del Sol
The Libyrinth: Borges, Eco, Marquez, Kafka, Joyce
Literary Kicks: The Beat Generation
The Old Hippie
Wild Bohemians
Epistrophy: Jazz in 20th Century Literature

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"Beginner's luck, gentlemen....although I have devoted some time to the game..."
W.C. Fields
, (My Little Chickadee)

The Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission
Great Outdoors Recreation Pages
Worldwide Wilderness Directory
USDA Forest Service
US National Park Service
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Aquanaut Links
SEFLIN on Sports in Broward
Women's Sports Pages
Back country, Nordic, Telemark Skiing
Outdoor Journal of the Internet
Autonomy Boating
Mariners' Museum in Newport News
Ropers' Knots Page
Culture Kiosque Home
Yahoo - Distance Learning
Motorcycle Online
NYC Blue
Autopilot Highway Trip Router
City Net
Lycos City Guide
The Road to Nowhere
AA Flight Information
Latin American Travel Destinations
World Travel Guide
Yelloweb Europe
Wandering Italy
Trip Preparations (By Country)
Brasil Web
Firenze Nel Mondo
Mangia Firenze
New Orleans
More Crescent City
Vieux Carre
Lonely Planet Travel Information
Foreign Languages for Travelers
CDC Traveler's Hotline
Kennedy Space Center
Wildflower Showcase
Pete's Pond Page
WWW Virtual Library- Gardening
The Virtual Garden
Home, Garden and Daily Living in Broward
Recipes Search Engine
The Virtual Kitchen
Grub from Le Cordon Bleu
Interactive Kitchen
Log Cabin Chronicles
Virginia Log Cabins
Virginia Stone Masonry
This Old House
Books That Work
Living Home
Beekeeping Links
Progressive Farmer
Driving in Color
Find Your Local Veterinarian
Movie Cliches
South Florida Movie Clock
Mr. Cranky Rates The Movies
Reviews of Home Videos
Compatible Home Videos
Shortwave Radio Catalogue
NASWeb: Short Wave Radio
Ham Radio Online - Using Solar Power
L.L. Bean
CF Martin and Co.
Gibson Music
Guitar Net
US Youth Soccer
Fit Life
Tennis Links
Martial Arts
Barrel on Martial Arts
Genbukan Ninpo
Judo Information Page
Shaolin Kung Fu
Martial Monks in the West
Chinese Martial Arts
T'ai Chi
Warrior Riffs
Japanese Online
Landings: Aerobatic Flying
Extra 300
Seniors on the Net
More on Computing for Seniors
Electronic Postcards
Send a Postcard from Outer Space
The Ability Utility
Top Ten Lists
The Gaming Page
The Three Stooges Archive
Anagram Insanity
A User Manual for the Brain
Net Scrabble
Virtual Web Cameras

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Commercial Links

"A true definition of poverty would have to include that poverty of spirit which is so deep, so awful that no amount of material goods poured into that sinkhole would make any difference."
Ossie Davis
, "It's on Us"; City Arts Quarterly

Tap Tap Restaurant, Miami, FL.
Princeton Translation Services: Specialized Vocabularies
NASW Press
Menninger Bookstore
The Moon Balloon
Ten Thousand Villages
Organic Food Supplements (Request free tape)
Social Work Software
Whole Earth Catalogue
CD Now
Folk Art and Craft Exchange
Scholastic Place
Ryko Disk
Macintosh Catalogue
Cyberian Outpost
Travel Gear
Hot and Spicy
Spirits of the World
A People's History of the United States (Zinn) Wall Charts
Prentice Hall English Literacy Method
Renaissance Noire
Haiti Online Business Center
Educa Vision Kreyol
Cal-Hellas Icons
The Scriptorium
Monastic Studies
Robinson's Read-Aloud Family Bookstore
Orbis Press
Seraphim Rose Books
Paraclete Bookstore, NYC
Parallax Press

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Personal Finance

"The underprivileged are the shyest. They are most reluctant to reveal that which the soul really lives by."
Zora Neale Hurston
, (Their Eyes Were Watching God)

NY Times Navigator Business Connections
Socially Conscious Investments: Check your fund portfolio
Pax World Fund
Working Assets
Interactive Nest Egg
Goodworks: A Guide to Social Change Careers
What Color is Your Parachute?
YIL: 25 Useful Sites
YIL: More Useful Sites
Bank Rate Monitor
International Salary Calculator
Mortgage Calculator
Currency Converter
Cost of Living Calculator
Consumer World
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide
Car and Driver
Car Sales Hustles
Internet ScamBusters
YIL Legal Self-Help
Nolo Press Self Help Law Center
Florida Law
Download Sample Legal Forms
Calculators for Consumer Loans, Tuition/Retirement Savings, Car Purchase Options
Compare Competing Long Distance Phone Rates
IRS's Audit-Selection Formula
BSCU Homepage
Starting a Worker-Owned Business (Book Citation)
Starting a Corporation in Florida
FL Division of Corporations Public Access Database
Inc. Magazine
SBA Shareware: Files for Starting Your Own Business
The Garage Entrepreneur
The New Entrepreneur's Jumplist
BizWeb Home
Business Plus
SmallBiz Net
The Minority Business Homepage
National Minority Business Council
Business Women's Network
National Tribal Development Association
Saludos Web
Check Your Lottery Number
The French Foreign Legion

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For Parents Only

"Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them."
James Baldwin
, Nobody Knows My Name, 1961

Parents' Place Reading Room
National Parent Information Network
Talking to Kids about Tough Issues
Substance Abuse Guide for Parents
Psychology in Daily Life
Parenthood Web
Parent Talk Newsletter
Parenting Q/A: Parents' FAQ's Parenting Links
Kidsource Online - Topics for Parents
Urban Minority Families
Welfare and Families
Divorce Online
Classical Theories of Child Development (Linda Chapman)
Facts for Families
Steingart's School Psychology Resources
Caring for Every Child's Mental Health
Our Kids: Parents with Special Needs
Changes in Children's SSI Eligibility
A Consumer's Guide to Mental Health Services
Childrens' Mental Health
Federation of Families for Childrens' Mental Health
WebActive Family Resources
Helping Your Child Learn (by subject)
CNN Parenting News
Interesting Places for Parents
Harold Bloom: A Western Canon Jr.
365 TV-Free Activities
The Family Education Network
Children Now.Org
Kid Safety on the Internet
New Kid City
Childbirth org: Prenatal Concerns
Baby Online
BabyWeb - Parenting
Zero to Three (Infants and Toddlers)
Parent Education Resources (Pre-School)
International Adoptions
Foster Parent Homepage
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Yahoo Education
KSU Online Parenting Courses
Free Scholarship Search and Financial Aid Info.
Radcliffe Public Policy Institute
Work/Family Directions
The Labor Project for Working Families
Parent Soup
Kid's Peace
Working Mother Magazine
Beatrice's Web Guide (For Women)
CyberMom Dot Com
Single Parent Resource Center
Single Dad's Index
South Florida Parenting Online
Family Planet
Childrens' Services Council of Palm Beach County
Multicultural Counseling and Family Services in Broward
Child Welfare League of America
National Black Child Development Institute
Kid's Doctor
Nemours Kids' Health

A Mini Rolodex of National Numbers

24-Hour Crisis Counseling // 800-4-A-CHILD
National ParentInfo Network // 800-583-4135
GerberInfo: Not Just Nutrition // 800-443-7237
National ChildCare Referrals // 800-424-2246
Single Parents' Association // 800-704-2102
Parent Support Group Information // 909-621-6184

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"Perhaps cyberspace is one of the informal public places where people can rebuild the aspects of community that were lost when the maltshop became the mall. Or perhaps cyberspace is precisely the wrong place to look for the rebirth of community, offering not a tool for conviviality but a life-denying simulacrum of real passion and true commitment to one another. In either case, we need to find out soon."
Howard Rheingold
, (The Virtual Community; Reading MA; Addison Wesley; 1993, p.26)

Upload to Tripod
Internet Society Homepage
CyRev E-Journal
Webmaster's Reference Library
Macintosh The Cult
The Scout Toolkit
HyperReal Tool Shed
ZDNet Download Site
Doctor HTML Validator
GIF Wizard Utility
GIF Animation Tutorial
Clip Art Searcher
A Guide to Eudora
Netscape Guide to Writing HTML Documents
The Web Design Group
Another Introduction to HTML
Net Lingo
Internet Acronyms Explained
Crispen's Roadmap 96 for Web Newbies
Yale Web Style Guide
URL Minder Robot
Traveltales (Worldwide E-mail)
Black Sun Interactive
Netscape Assistance Page
Construct: Evolve or Die
Ginger's Web Designs
Grafman Productions
The Home of Real Audio
Earth Channel
Pretty Good Privacy
Gamelan.html (Java Resources)
4U Files: How to Retrieve Just About Anything by E-mail Alone
Adaptive Computer Software Project (for those with disabilities)
Florida State Servers List
My Current Server
ZD Net Site Map
Wired News
Educational Software
Internet World
Netsurfer Digest
Internet Relay Chat FAQ
WBS Chat Hubs
Jumbo Share/Freeware
Oak Software Depository
Mac Software
The Big Apple
Macintosh Software Page
Macintosh Resource Page
Netscape Defrost
CompUSA Online
Netaholics Anonymous (World Headquarters)

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Texts and 'Zines

"Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse."
Nigerian Proverb

The Nation
The Atlantic Monthly
The Utne Lens
Feed Magazine
Village Voice
Boston Review
The Economist
Foreign Affairs
Intellectual Capital
Harper's Magazine
The Monthly Review
Cultural Survival Quarterly
Social Policy Quarterly
Jinn: PacificNews Magazine
NACLA Report on the Americas
National Geographic
The Bad Subjects Collective
Columbia University Selected Electronic Journals
New Jour: Electronic Journals and Newsletters
Scholarly Journals on the Web
CIC Electronic Journals
Common Dreams: E-'Zines
The Alternative Press Center
First Things
Periodicals on Religion
Pathfinder Sites
The Monster Magazine List
Electric Library
Project Gutenberg
CMU Online Books Page
The Internet Public Library
Project Bartleby
Christian Classics
Shakespeare at MIT
University of Virginia Medieval Texts and Commentaries
U.VA. Modern English Collection
Alex: Electronic Texts
More Static Text Book Reviews
The Hungry Mind Review
The Faithful Reader
The Independent Reader
MX Retail Bookfinder
Book Lovers
Bibliofind Used and Rare Books
Advanced Book Exchange
Amazon Books
The Internet Book Shop
Oxford University Press
New Society Publishers
Borders on the Web
UnCover: Order a Monograph

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"If like truth, the lie had but one face, we would be on better terms. But the reverse of truth has a hundred thousand faces and an infinite field."
, (Essays)

Librarians' Guide to the Net
The FINDOUT Library - Ask a Question
One Stop Reference Desk
InterNIC Academic Guide to the Internet
Infospace Directory
The Big Book Yellow Pages
Area Codes
E-mail, landline listings etc.
CSB/SJU Reference
Drudge: Virtual Reference
Free Internet Encyclopedia
UK Libraries of Networked Knowledge
World Village Project
Index of On-Line Dictionaries
The Great American Website
The Bucknell Web of On-Line Grammars
Roget's Internet Thesaurus
VoS Reference
YIL Useful References
Elements of Style, Strunk
Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia
West's Legal Dictionary
The US National Library of Medicine
Referencing Web Documents
NY Times Navigator Reference Desk
Library of Congress Index of Web Resources
InfoMine: Regional and General Interest Topics
LSU Webliography
Map Quest:Personalized Maps
CIA Publications: World Fact Book, etc.
Worldwide Web Virtual Library Overview
Internet Public Library Reference
Southeast Florida Library Catalogs
The Library of Congress
The NY Public Library
The Smithsonian
Oxford English Dictionary ($)
An Outline of American History
US Historical Documents Archive
A Journalist's Guide to Finding Data on the Internet
Statistical Concepts (for poets)

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"Glendower: 'I can call spirits from the vasty deep.'
Hotspur: 'Why so can I or so can any man;
But will they come when you do call for them?'"

, Henry IV, Part 1, Act 3, scene 1, lines 53-55

Beaucoup Search Engines
Inference Find
Find Spot Search
Launch bot
Wired Source
Internet Sleuth
E-mail, landline listings etc.
Netguide Live
World Wide Web Worm
TradeWave Galaxy
World Wide Web Worm
Lycos Top 5%
YIL Four Star Sites
Cnet's Best of the Web
Medaille d'Or Awards
Excite Reviews
NetGuide's Best of the Web
Drudge: New Websites
Best of the Net
Clearinghouse of Resource Guides
The Shuttle: Laws of Cool
Internet Resources Meta-Index
WWW Virtual Library
Other Libraries
Reference.Com: Index of Internet Fora
Deja News
The Mother-of-All BBS
More Internet Discussion Groups
Newsgroups by Category
Scott Yanoff's Indices
John Makulowich's Indices

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